We provide the space, you provide the art

view in 360º

All the panoramic images from Raysamples are professional grading renders with special attention to decorative details and lighting but without subtracting prominence from the main subject.


Creating panoramic images in 3D gives us total control over the space allowing us to work lately with minute precision placing and wrapping  the linked files necessary to get a seamless experience where you can place your artwork without compromises.

It has never been so easy

Never was so simple to setup a virtual exhibition like with Raysamples virtual spaces. Just open the provided files, drop your image and scale properly taking account of the provided dimensions, hide the grid layer and save, and that's all, your panorama is ready for the virtual tour without

any further action.


But if you want to add an extra touch, copy and paste the layer style and the picture will stand out from the wall thanks to the subtle shadow and occlusion effects that we provide

by default.


You can get great effects using the whole space, floor to ceiling adding an underlying layer of color or by dividing a picture in several parts, that will fit seamlessly, to create a mural painting or other

decorative effects.

As seamless as it can be

All the layers in the panorama files are merged with the background using the darken blending mode to merge with the ambient lighting but you can change it at any time and be as creative as you want.


Also we included several layers with overlaping elements like the glass elements, the wooden beams or the spotlights hanging from the ceiling so you don't need to worry about them, they will work just out of the box.

(*) You need Photoshop 21 + in order to work properly the transform/wrap applied to placeholders.

But everything needs a double check so we created a single large texture with the actual dimensions of the whole wall and divided it in pieces to check that everything comes as clean as possible even in those part where the panoramic image wraps around.

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