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3DVista, Koola, Pano2VR, Matterport, Orbix360, Klatpy



Create your virtual tours without compromises

At Raysamples we wanted to go one step further when configuring a virtual tour based on digital scenarios. That is why we have taken care to offer you the greatest flexibility when it comes to placing images and photographs  simply by editing the linked files (*).

You can setup great exhibitions the easy way in your favorite virtual tour software, 3DVista, Koola, Pano2VR, Matterport, or any other software of your liking.

(*) You need Photoshop 21 + in order to work properly the transform/wrap applied to placeholders.

Virtual Spaces

Ease your workflow

Custom request

At Raysamples we focus in the creation of digital assets to ease the setup of virtual tours for exhibitions, E-learning or any other use you think of.

We do the hard work adapting the linked files to the shape of the equirectangular so that you can focus solely on creating a fantastic tour.

Maybe you are interested in some special customization of the spaces to fit your needs, just contact us and we are sure we can help you with that.

The Raysamples Museum

At Raysamples we are working continuosly to offer the best quality in our 3D environments based on clean architectural concepts that offer spaces and lighting that highlights the works on display.

The Museum is a complex made up of four rooms that communicate with each other visually through glass panels, which creates a sense of continuity in the virtual visit.

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